Welcome home to Flannery Correspondence

Coming here was the right thing to do

We know you have a lot to do.  So do we.

What's the most important thing in the world?

Maybe it's people.  
If so, we want to make sure we don't miss out on all the amazing people in our lives just because we thought we were too busy.  

We intend to make our fellow humans a priority by maintaining communication and correspondence with them.  Regular personal contact, free from ulterior motives, is a rare and precious treasure.  That's our gift to you.

Ever get a call from a long-lost friend?  Turn out they were trying to sell you something?  Shucks.  
Not us.  All we want to do is hear you.  

If you find something awesome that we should buy right away, great; tell us about it.  
If we find something amazing you simply cannot live without, we will save it for a more appropriate avenue.  
This correspondence business is sacred.

Own it

Make part of this site yours.


We would love to hear from you by voicemail or email.